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we'll talk about everything you need to know to authentically grow your health & wellness brand.

Welcome to The Friday Society, the podcast for anyone and everyone in the health & fitness industry. 

About the Friday Society Podcast

Welcome to The Friday Society, the podcast for anyone and everyone in the health & fitness industry. In this podcast, we'll talk to industry leaders and experts about everything you need to know to scale and authentically grow your health & wellness brand. We'll hear from operational experts, email marketing gurus, accountants, and more to get you set up for success.

I started my career in 2013 working for lululemon, and learned very quickly that the fitness industry is unlike any other. My career took me to some pretty cool places - opening flagship stores for lululemon, overseeing marketing for 26 SoulCycle studios, and opening many boutique fitness studios and health food chains. I’m the proud CEO of Forever Friday Consulting, a marketing consultancy in the health & wellness space, and started this podcast as a resource for every fitpro and health savant to learn, ask questions, and feel part of a larger community. When I’m not working or recording, I’m hanging out with my two guys in Brooklyn - my boyfriend and my pup! I’m a certified yoga instructor, and truly love my peloton more than I should. Can’t wait to connect! 

I’m Alexa - your podcast hostess and business cheerleader. 

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So valuable! Whether you’re a fitpro or enthusiast, this podcast give such great insight into the world of the health/fitness space from top pros in the industry! Will continue to follow along!

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